Wham.  His feet hit the ground hard and the world swirled around him.  He wondered which place and time he had been transported to this time.  He swayed but quickly steadied himself, his head was spinning.  He forced his eyes to focus on the world that had just materialised. Vehicles.  That was good.  He... Continue Reading →

Stinkin’ holiday

“I’m tired of this place, I just want to go home!” Ellie said. “This trip sucks.  The toilet looks like something died in it and there’s crap on the door!” She waved her arm in the direction of the offending door. It was useless, her mother was on the other side of the world and... Continue Reading →


The office was strewn with newspaper clippings, and paperwork.  Jones, a seasoned detective, sat at the far end of the room, massaging his temples - whilst his fourth coffee sat half finished on his desk.  He looked up at the notice board.  Three photographs formed the only clues to Mandy's disappearance.  Time was running out.... Continue Reading →


Shelley is making Vegemite sandwiches in the kitchen whilst joey watches his favourite show. She clicks her tongue and peers into the lounge - yep, joey is still there, watching intently as the odd character on the set dances across the screen. "It's a dancing mug, shel" her mother pleads "you've got to get him... Continue Reading →

White Linen

I know it may seem strange to you, but you aren’t me. I lie here, tethered to this great sea of laundered linen – unable to move anything but my hands, and my feet. I need a distraction from these horrid men in white coats. They come in here and move me about, inject stuff... Continue Reading →

Cedar Dragon

They stood between the mob and the Cedar Dragon, Bows ready. Ruth set her aim at the head of the warlord, Rufius.  Arian did the same. They were the last hope for the dragon who lay curled on the ground behind them. It had lived near the core of the earth for thousands of years,... Continue Reading →


"I know it's a crazy idea, who said I wasn't crazy?" said Joe, as he dumped two battered boxes in the back of the station wagon. "I can't take it anymore. The city life is killin' me. I'd do anything to be back in the bush"  Joe sighed, as he hauled in two hessian bags... Continue Reading →

60 seconds.

Ruby is power-walking home. She really needs to grab a bite to eat.  She hasn’t eaten all day, and is feeling light-headed. Bright lights are popping behind her eyes – marking the beginning of a headache. She drops her bag as she walks in the door and looks frantically around for a bite of food.... Continue Reading →

Genre Switch Experiment

The original story She is sitting on the kerb of a cobblestoned street. She is hunched over with her black hair falling around her feet. Her outline is the only thing visible. The street is deserted.  She is seeing something that nobody else can. A crack in the stones. She notices a shimmer almost like... Continue Reading →

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