The Storm

The snow was coming down in earnest – and we still had not found a place to take shelter.  I didn’t want to admit it, but I was starting to panic.  Rachel looked bad, staggering as she walked knee deep in the snow. I didn’t see it at first –a grey smudge against the blinding... Continue Reading →


Sometimes. I feel that there is nothing left for me, except to breathe in and out and enjoy this one small act. The sun shining on my back, whilst the cool water streams around my feet; touching my soul. The flowing creek speaks to me more than any person has. I look at my reflection,... Continue Reading →

The sun. Taken.

“It’s happening” she said to her brother “I don’t know what we're going to do, but we need to get out of here”.  They ran up the steps to the rooftop.  Even in this forgotten part of the city – they had been equipped with launch platforms. The people here hadn’t been told – there... Continue Reading →

white specks

Johnny narrows his eyes as he walks through a clearing to a copse of trees. “dammit” He is squinting so hard his eyes are almost closed. “Can’t see shit anymore”. He drops his rucksack and rummages inside for something to eat. Nothing. He has eaten all of his supplies, and it has only been three... Continue Reading →


M’pkali had been walking for days.  He knew, like all of his kind did – the way to the temple. His home had been destroyed by fire, and he and others made their way to find sanctuary in the home of the old ones. He looked up, and saw the jagged edges of the termite... Continue Reading →


  Wham.  His feet hit the ground hard and the world swirled around him.  He wondered which place and time he had been transported to this time.  He swayed but quickly steadied himself, his head was spinning.  He forced his eyes to focus on the world that had just materialised. Vehicles.  That was good.  He... Continue Reading →

Stinkin’ holiday

“I’m tired of this place, I just want to go home!” Ellie said. “This trip sucks.  The toilet looks like something died in it and there’s crap on the door!” She waved her arm in the direction of the offending door. It was useless, her mother was on the other side of the world and... Continue Reading →

A Grain of Sand

I could feel. The cool waves lapping against my legs; rippling and swirling. I could actually feel the water dragging at my knees, an invitation. How was this even possible? I blinked and shook my head, pressed the button on my headset and the room dimmed to black. How long had I been out here? ... Continue Reading →


The journey had been long and arduous. The air had been so damp that a fire was impossible, and he was bitterly cold and hungry. The signs of starvation were upon him when he finally climbed the crest of the hill toward home. Each step on the stones made him think about the last time... Continue Reading →

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