The office was strewn with newspaper clippings, and paperwork.  Jones, a seasoned detective, sat at the far end of the room, massaging his temples - whilst his fourth coffee sat half finished on his desk.  He looked up at the notice board.  Three photographs formed the only clues to Mandy's disappearance.  Time was running out.... Continue Reading →

Cedar Dragon

They stood between the mob and the Cedar Dragon, Bows ready. Ruth set her aim at the head of the warlord, Rufius.  Arian did the same. They were the last hope for the dragon who lay curled on the ground behind them. It had lived near the core of the earth for thousands of years,... Continue Reading →

60 seconds.

Ruby is power-walking home. She really needs to grab a bite to eat.  She hasn’t eaten all day, and is feeling light-headed. Bright lights are popping behind her eyes – marking the beginning of a headache. She drops her bag as she walks in the door and looks frantically around for a bite of food.... Continue Reading →

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