A card by my feet reads: seven.   The others have them too, with different numbers. It is always the same.  The lab-coat guys walk past and squint at us over their clipboards.  They don’t care.  The other cats buy all this shit about trip of a lifetime.  So where are the guys who disappeared last... Continue Reading →



“whoa man, you wouldn’t believe what I’m seeing …”  Martin was sitting on the lounge, waving his arms through the air – not paying much attention to Jake.  “man..” chuckled Martin “I’m making fireworks with my hands, this is so frikken cool”. “grasshopper..… I’ve got a grasshopper sat across from me, dressed in a green... Continue Reading →

Salt and sun-tan lotion

I could think of nothing else that week. Every time I closed my eyes, I could see that night – in vivid detail, burnt into the back of my retina. The blues and oranges of sunset and the smell of salt mixed with suntan lotion; the feeling of utter bliss to be standing next to... Continue Reading →


Ellin sat on a rocky outcrop, with her hair in her eyes. She wiped the sweat from her forehead, and squinted down the path at her mother and brother who were coming up slowly. She didn’t want to be here, didn’t understand the point of it all. She kicked up dust with her feet –... Continue Reading →


The clouds hung low in the sky, weighed down with the burden of the storm. The wind was picking up something-fierce; thunder rolled, and lightning lit the sky like a lantern. It was getting closer. I watched from my car – too afraid to drive in this wild weather. A bolt of lightning hit the... Continue Reading →


M’pkali had been walking for days.  He knew, like all of his kind did – the way to the temple. His home had been destroyed by fire, and he and others made their way to find sanctuary in the home of the old ones. He looked up, and saw the jagged edges of the termite... Continue Reading →


  Wham.  His feet hit the ground hard and the world swirled around him.  He wondered which place and time he had been transported to this time.  He swayed but quickly steadied himself, his head was spinning.  He forced his eyes to focus on the world that had just materialised. Vehicles.  That was good.  He... Continue Reading →

Stinkin’ holiday

“I’m tired of this place, I just want to go home!” Ellie said. “This trip sucks.  The toilet looks like something died in it and there’s crap on the door!” She waved her arm in the direction of the offending door. It was useless, her mother was on the other side of the world and... Continue Reading →


The office was strewn with newspaper clippings, and paperwork.  Jones, a seasoned detective, sat at the far end of the room, massaging his temples - whilst his fourth coffee sat half finished on his desk.  He looked up at the notice board.  Three photographs formed the only clues to Mandy's disappearance.  Time was running out.... Continue Reading →

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