Here's one for the single mums out there. For the single mums who married a second time, and it didn't work out that time either. Here's one for the children.  Make it two, or ten. The children who had to grow up too early, who learned to hide their feelings because mum or dad didn't... Continue Reading →


Genre Switch Experiment

The original story She is sitting on the kerb of a cobblestoned street. She is hunched over with her black hair falling around her feet. Her outline is the only thing visible. The street is deserted.  She is seeing something that nobody else can. A crack in the stones. She notices a shimmer almost like... Continue Reading →


"So what?" you say. well, it isn't about the money.  Is it? Without it, you grow up with shitty education - make the most of it, and then succumb to the pattern of socioeconomics.  Fuck up.  End up broke despite all the chances you were given to rise from the fucking rubble of your upbringing.... Continue Reading →

Shallow is as shallow does

So i've been pretty tired lately.  In fact, i've been tired all year. I figured my life would improve after I sorted out all my shit with family court.  Custody arrangements are now running like a well-oiled machine.  Well, as good as anyhow.  A few grumbling moments where the traffic has been so thick you... Continue Reading →

Idea v’s reality

The notion of an idea, is a wonderful thing.  It is full of hope and ambition.  It flows freely and wonderfully and creates connections, whilst fulfilling dreams.  Ideas and daydreams, are very similar and could be confused for one another.  We hope that ideas move to reality, but sometimes they are no more real than fairy tales - ordinary... Continue Reading →

The little old lady & the pushover

So let me tell you what happened to me this week.  There was this little old lady, who needed help sorting some paperwork.  She wanted to give me one hundred dollars to spend a couple of hours with her going through her shit before she goes off to spend summer in Europe.  Anyhow, as always the first... Continue Reading →

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