The Daily Facade

I know it isn’t the end of the world thought Manu, scratching his chin.  I know I shouldn’t care, and I don’t… but it bothers me that I’m having this conversation in my head.  

Manu sat watching as the fan span in slow motion in the activity hall.  Cartwheels and footballs… It was the usual story at pickup time.  He sat there on his own, with the occasional nod to other parents, all of them polite but distant.  This was the daily façade.

“Jamie! Jamie!” Shouted Jack.  Jamie’s fourth best friend trotted up from behind a leaning tower of crash mats, offering the secret handshake.  “Jamie, can you come to my plathe on Friday, cauthe I’m not allowed to go to yourth”.

That was it.  A sweet little knife in the heart.  Too many unknown variables for other parents; a single dad, a weirdo.  Or is it because I’m brown?


150 words
Thankyou Yarnspinner for the photograph.
FFfAW Challenge-165th

165th Challenge
Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
Week of 05-01 through 05-07-2018

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