The sun. Taken.

“It’s happening” she said to her brother “I don’t know what we’re going to do, but we need to get out of here”.  They ran up the steps to the rooftop.  Even in this forgotten part of the city – they had been equipped with launch platforms.

The people here hadn’t been told – there was not enough time to broadcast.

Laurie broke the driver’s side glass with her elbow, smiling despite herself – she’d always wanted to do that – and jumped in – fumbling with the controls.  “Oh God, hurry up! Get us out of here!” She pushed the auto-orbit button, and the pod lit up.  “What’s it doing? Why’s it taking so long? Ohh hurry!”   The nano-repair light was flashing, while the side window rebuilt itself as the countdown commenced… five, four, three………………  “What was that? … two, one “no time to worry now!” .. zero, and it was off. Pressing them back in their seats as it sped upward and out beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

Laurie was crying.  Her brother Leon was not.  He sat transfixed, watching it happen.

A giant.  There were no other words for it  –  a planetary sized human, wading through the expanse of space, bent down and plucked up the sun as though it was a piece of fruit.  Leon blinked.  The man rolled it in his fingers and continued walking.  That was it.  Our sun, plucked from the sky – taken.  The end of life on earth.

Leon’s mouth turned up on one side.  Before his sister could stop him – he pressed track object on the space pod and followed after them.  “I’m going where he’s going, no use sticking around here and freezing to death”.

285 words (A bit over my usual 150 but I haven’t written anything in a few months!)

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Goroyboy. Thank you Goroyboy!

152nd Challenge

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 01-30 through 02-05-2018

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