white specks

Johnny narrows his eyes as he walks through a clearing to a copse of trees.


He is squinting so hard his eyes are almost closed.

“Can’t see shit anymore”.

He drops his rucksack and rummages inside for something to eat.


He has eaten all of his supplies, and it has only been three hours.  This is going to be interesting.

Spotting some white specks off to the east, he walks over hoping they are field mushrooms.

They are.  He licks one, just in-case.


Johnny happily plucks the white specks up, carrying them in his t-shirt.

“Now, where’s my bag again….”

He spends half an hour searching, and gives up.

He sits down next to a tree; and unfolding his t-shirt tucks into lunch.


Johnny leaps up in fear as the gnarled tree plucks each root carefully out of the earth, stretching and creaking on spidery legs.


150 words

FFfAW Challenge-Week of January 9, 2018

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Fandango. Thank you Fandango!


149th Challenge

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 01-09 through 01-15-2018

4 thoughts on “white specks

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    1. The story leaves it ambiguous intentionally. Did the tree actually do that, or was one of the mushrooms not-quite-right. I’d like to imagine that it wasn’t just in his mind 🙂


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