The Trees

The track at the park is round.
I like things symmetrical. Symmetry feels right.

I ride my bike on the same path without stopping for hours when my mind is racing.
I come out here in the middle of the night sometimes, I like it better without all the people.

I am here by daylight today though, and it is not too bad.  I like the trees.  They are the only things that seem to work outside of the “system of perfection” that I have setup for myself.  Trees are free to be themselves, to grow and twist and bend according to the sun, and the wind and weather.  I sometimes wish I had been a tree.  Moving in slow motion, but progressing.  Not judging itself for bending this way or that, twisting, turning, breaking – ever growing, and not ever stopping for a moment to wonder am I enough? 


150 words

Written for: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

127th Challenge

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Dorothy. Thank you Dorothy!


11 thoughts on “The Trees

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    1. I don’t know why I found it difficult to write to this photograph. My response is a bit left-field lol. I wondered at my choice to write in first person, whether i’d start getting “are you really riding your bike around at night” messages. I assure you, it is fiction. Though I do admire the life of trees 😀

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