60 seconds.

Ruby is power-walking home. She really needs to grab a bite to eat.  She hasn’t eaten all day, and is feeling light-headed. Bright lights are popping behind her eyes – marking the beginning of a headache. She drops her bag as she walks in the door and looks frantically around for a bite of food.... Continue Reading →

The Trees

The track at the park is round. I like things symmetrical. Symmetry feels right. I ride my bike on the same path without stopping for hours when my mind is racing. I come out here in the middle of the night sometimes, I like it better without all the people. I am here by daylight... Continue Reading →

Genre Switch Experiment

The original story She is sitting on the kerb of a cobblestoned street. She is hunched over with her black hair falling around her feet. Her outline is the only thing visible. The street is deserted.  She is seeing something that nobody else can. A crack in the stones. She notices a shimmer almost like... Continue Reading →

A Grain of Sand

I could feel. The cool waves lapping against my legs; rippling and swirling. I could actually feel the water dragging at my knees, an invitation. How was this even possible? I blinked and shook my head, pressed the button on my headset and the room dimmed to black. How long had I been out here? ... Continue Reading →


I pressed my back against the rocks, wondering if anybody had seen us. “He said he would be around here somewhere” I couldn’t believe what we were doing, but Annalise was so sure of herself – she made everything seem so exciting. Later on, when they started asking questions, this was the only response I... Continue Reading →


The journey had been long and arduous. The air had been so damp that a fire was impossible, and he was bitterly cold and hungry. The signs of starvation were upon him when he finally climbed the crest of the hill toward home. Each step on the stones made him think about the last time... Continue Reading →

I was right

She wasn’t going to say yes.  I knew it. But I had to ask, didn’t i? I went down to the antique jeweller at the end of Fraser Street.  You know the old run down place covered in graffiti. It was a wonder it had survived at all, with places going down each week. We... Continue Reading →


"So what?" you say. well, it isn't about the money.  Is it? Without it, you grow up with shitty education - make the most of it, and then succumb to the pattern of socioeconomics.  Fuck up.  End up broke despite all the chances you were given to rise from the fucking rubble of your upbringing.... Continue Reading →

Shallow is as shallow does

So i've been pretty tired lately.  In fact, i've been tired all year. I figured my life would improve after I sorted out all my shit with family court.  Custody arrangements are now running like a well-oiled machine.  Well, as good as anyhow.  A few grumbling moments where the traffic has been so thick you... Continue Reading →

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