Stinkin’ holiday

“I’m tired of this place, I just want to go home!” Ellie said. “This trip sucks.  The toilet looks like something died in it and there’s crap on the door!” She waved her arm in the direction of the offending door. It was useless, her mother was on the other side of the world and... Continue Reading →



The office was strewn with newspaper clippings, and paperwork.  Jones, a seasoned detective, sat at the far end of the room, massaging his temples - whilst his fourth coffee sat half finished on his desk.  He looked up at the notice board.  Three photographs formed the only clues to Mandy's disappearance.  Time was running out.... Continue Reading →


He sat down, cross legged upon a mountain and watched as the storm clouds rolled in.  He had lived for thousands of years, but had never seen anything more beautiful.  There was something about the clouds that was familiar; they gave him the feeling that there was more to life, or whatever you could call... Continue Reading →


  “I love you” he said, as he buried his face in her hair; inhaling her scent.  He was intoxicated.  She sat there, smiling – but not feeling it.  Carole knew he was a good guy, he was sweet and kind and ticked all the boxes.  She couldn’t help feeling guilty when he laid his... Continue Reading →


Shelley is making Vegemite sandwiches in the kitchen whilst joey watches his favourite show. She clicks her tongue and peers into the lounge - yep, joey is still there, watching intently as the odd character on the set dances across the screen. "It's a dancing mug, shel" her mother pleads "you've got to get him... Continue Reading →


It was Christmas eve. Joe sat in the car adjusted his bowtie. He handed the taxi driver a fifty, and stepped out. He took a deep breath through his nose, reaching into his pocket to retrieve a packet of cigarettes. He hesitated, seeing the glass doors of the building ahead. He put them back in... Continue Reading →


The sun was shining beautifully on the patio, and water droplets on flower petals dazzled like gems. Neeta picked a flower, and put it behind her ear – brushing her hair back and twirling to the tune of a song she hadn’t thought to sing since she was a child. He caught her in mid-dance;... Continue Reading →

White Linen

I know it may seem strange to you, but you aren’t me. I lie here, tethered to this great sea of laundered linen – unable to move anything but my hands, and my feet. I need a distraction from these horrid men in white coats. They come in here and move me about, inject stuff... Continue Reading →

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