Sometimes. I feel that there is nothing left for me, except to breathe in and out and enjoy this one small act. The sun shining on my back, whilst the cool water streams around my feet; touching my soul. The flowing creek speaks to me more than any person has. I look at my reflection,... Continue Reading →



Here's one for the single mums out there. For the single mums who married a second time, and it didn't work out that time either. Here's one for the children.  Make it two, or ten. The children who had to grow up too early, who learned to hide their feelings because mum or dad didn't... Continue Reading →


She is walking through the quiet backstreets of West Melbourne, savouring the warm afternoon sun and enjoying the breeze that flicks her fine hair around her face. She is also hoping like hell her stepdad isn’t out looking for her. She turns a corner into an unfamiliar street.  Perfect.  Walking to the end she spots... Continue Reading →

The sun. Taken.

“It’s happening” she said to her brother “I don’t know what we're going to do, but we need to get out of here”.  They ran up the steps to the rooftop.  Even in this forgotten part of the city – they had been equipped with launch platforms. The people here hadn’t been told – there... Continue Reading →

white specks

Johnny narrows his eyes as he walks through a clearing to a copse of trees. “dammit” He is squinting so hard his eyes are almost closed. “Can’t see shit anymore”. He drops his rucksack and rummages inside for something to eat. Nothing. He has eaten all of his supplies, and it has only been three... Continue Reading →

I stand here, a bird.

I haven't written anything in weeks!  And to kick off, perhaps its a slightly weird one - and apologies if it doesn't make much sense.  The point of writing is to be free, not to wonder whether I have crossed my i's and dotted my t's 😀 or the reverse.     I stand here; a... Continue Reading →


A card by my feet reads: seven.   The others have them too, with different numbers. It is always the same.  The lab-coat guys walk past and squint at us over their clipboards.  They don’t care.  The other cats buy all this shit about trip of a lifetime.  So where are the guys who disappeared last... Continue Reading →


“whoa man, you wouldn’t believe what I’m seeing …”  Martin was sitting on the lounge, waving his arms through the air – not paying much attention to Jake.  “man..” chuckled Martin “I’m making fireworks with my hands, this is so frikken cool”. “grasshopper..… I’ve got a grasshopper sat across from me, dressed in a green... Continue Reading →

Salt and sun-tan lotion

I could think of nothing else that week. Every time I closed my eyes, I could see that night – in vivid detail, burnt into the back of my retina. The blues and oranges of sunset and the smell of salt mixed with suntan lotion; the feeling of utter bliss to be standing next to... Continue Reading →

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